"Looking forward to firing you" and other useful business stationary
It took us quite awhile to come up with some business stationary, (most of our early attempts led to horrible flashbacks of office life) but then we realized if you can't say something nice about someone... be sarcastic!

Here are some notecards you'll find useful for your business, career, co-workers. Or make them into sticky pads, put them on your office door or hopefully your resignation letter.

First off, move raping & pillaging
from your "business plan"
to your "mission statement"

My job is to annoy you until you quit

In case you failed to detect the tone of my e-mail
let me explain it in person

business stationary
Looking forward to firing you

Thank God for all my wonderful co-workers

But dude, close the door before opening the attached;
it's totally NSFW

Of your coworkers,
who is most likely to go on a
workplace murder rampage?





stationary nation