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Here's a stationary box you can make. It's a box made of stationary for holding stationary, so you can call it a stationary stationary box. Or if you don't move it, it is a stationary stationary stationary box* (oh we are so so droll that we just amaze ourselves).

Here's the final product.
stationary box

Step one is to click on the image below and print out our beautiful stationary to make the box. Be sure to trim it so it's square.

Step two is to seach google for instructions to make an origami box.

Here's some Christmas stationary in our stationary box.

*Or if you move it, it is a non-stationary stationary box, and will look like this:

moving stationary box--(will the laughs never end).



  stationary, stationeryDo it yourself instructions for making an origami stationary box.  

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