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What kinds of paper are used with stationary?

There are four important features of paper that you can consider for your stationary. First, what material is the paper is made of, second what is the color of the stationary, third what is its texture and finally what is its size.

Paper is commonly made of wood, but may also be made from cotton, rice or papyrus. It can also be made of animal skin (e.g., vellum and parchment from calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin). Papyrus scrolls date back to ancient Egypt. Cotton paper dates back around two thousand years. Wood based paper has been predominant for the last two hundred years, primarily due to lower cost than cotton. Cotton paper is still prefered for higher end uses such as formal wedding stationary; or for durability such as US currency.

Paper for stationary can, of course, come in many different colors. White, egg-shell, ivory, cream are popular choices, light yellows blues and reds, as well as black and gray are also popular, though they may require white or metallic printing to show up.

Texture is due in part to the material that paper is made of. Cotton paper, for example, has a softer richer feel than paper. However texture can also be independent of the material. Homemade paper, for example, tends to have a rough surface, cold-pressed paper tends to have more roughness than hot-pressed paper. The thickness of the paper can influence the texture also.

In the United States, letter and legal are common sizes, in countries that use the metric standard, A0 through A5 are common sizes. You can make interesting stationary by using triangles, circles or cutting out snowflake patterns for example.



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