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Below are some common types of stationary supplies that you can make. This page is all about common weight paper stationary; see stationary cards for thicker stock. What's the difference, well it's kinda like soup vs stew, how thick you want it (thank you, thank you, I'm sure that without that metaphor you'd be completely befuddled)..

You can find inkjet and laser compatible paper at your discount office supply house and along with our bonanza of illustrations you can create wonderful stationary.

Letterhead Stationaries / Borders (hint: crumple up, put in a fancy box, call it an origami rock and give as a business promotion)

Gift Tags (print out our design on one side, fold over so you've got some whitespace to write the To: and From: bits)

Address Labels (hint: get sticky backed paper from your paper supplies shop)

(hint: envelope templates are widely available on the internet for download)

Tri-fold Brochures / Programs

Overlays/ Transparencies (hint: really, you can do so many creative things with transparencies, window decals, transparent business cards, print out one copy of an announcement on paper and then the same announcement on a transparency and place the transparency, slightly offset on top of the paper copy--you friends will all go ooo la la!!)


Slim Bulletin (in case you're downsizing)

Certificates (hint: who doesn't like a "good eater award" with a cute picture of a baby monkey eating a banana. It one of my prize possessions)

Planner Pages (do people still use paper planners?)

Tear-Off Certificates (e.g., keep the top portion, mail in the bottom)

Gate-Fold Invitations

Narrow Invitation

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