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We at Stationary Nation are happy to hoist the banner with the spelling "Stationary" instead of the what we believe to be the antiquated spelling "stationery".

What do those who use the web think? Well we ran the program (which finds out how people on the internet use different terms) and found some interesting results. When we run the program using "Stationary" most of the results come back clearly indicating that many website creators and users conform with the Stationary Nation meaning and spelling. For example,

stationary is important part of doing business
... supplied with cream envelopes
... shipped at a nominal media rate
... made on pei or is island themed
... 20½" x 20½"
... blank and doesn't show the regular icon
... yours to use as you feel in your e mails
... not only used by the business world
... any item of stationary bearing the name of the university
... hand designed by her and each one is printed just for you with your name
... typically the first piece of graphic identity to be designed
... zipped and in eml format
... a unique gift that lasts forever
... usually made 1024 pixels wide
... cheap and of a pale lilac color
... finding a cool enough recipient for your brilliant missives
... often a company's primary point of contact with its customers and clients
... the backbone of your company's identity
... like a template when you write a new letter on stationary
... a reflection of one's personality
... perfect for form letters

There were a few examples where the term reflects the "not moving" meaning:

stationary is ...called inertia
... called the "rest frame" for that observer
... an adjective that means not moving
... not enough to assure statistically reliable predictions of the location
... decidedly not characteristic of the typically noisy economic time series
... shown for comparison to translational motion at 45 degree

A couple uses could be interpreted with either meaning, and these we thought were just wonderful:

stationary is quite strange
stationary is just beautiful

and our favorite:

stationary is quite absurd



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